Discipline Guide for Children's Ministry

Type: Book
Price: $15.25


By Jody Capehart, Gordon West, Becki West

No teacher wants to be a drill sergeant. No child wants to be in trouble all the time. . . . . Imagine being able to take all the energy that you spend on crowd control and pour it into teaching kids to know, love, and follow Jesus. You can. Teachers who are masters at classroom discipline aren't born that way--they're trained. These teachers have learned what makes kids tick, how to teach kids of all learning styles, and the importance of respecting their students. Excellent teachers know and understand their students' needs and then create a classroom environment where diverse needs can be met.

  • This book offers you the tools for teaching through your own example as well as by lesson. You'll learn to honor children as Jesus honored them, to understand and meet their needs, and to recognize and deal with differences in personalities and learning styles.
  • You'll find practical help for the nitty-gritty situations that come up in classrooms week in and week out.
  • You'll receive expert advice on important issues such as how to deal with children with Attention Deficit Disorder (A. D. D. ),
  • Find advice on how to work with parents to improve your relationships with students.
  • The final chapter offers training principles of positive discipline as you work together to develop a unified discipline plan for your church.

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