KidZ at Heart Newsletter

KidZ at Heart Newsletter - June 2018

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others." 2 Timothy 2:2 

From Gordon & Becki

Spiritual formation. That’s a phrase you may be hearing at church these days. But what does it mean? Well, that sort of depends on who is saying it.

And that’s why we’d like to share with you what KidZ at Heart means when we talk about spiritual formation. 
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Updates and Photos from Tanzania

KidZ at Heart has developed lasting relationships with children's leaders and teachers in Tanzania. While the team is headed home now, they have been posting photos and updates from their multiple training sites. Take a look at the posts from the team on Facebook.

Where is KidZ Headed Next?

KidZ at Heart short-term teams are headed to Honduras, Malawi, Mexico, Moldova, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Romania, Thailand, and Zambia...all by the end of the year!

You can join a KidZ at Heart cross-cultural team and make an impact on young lives for matter what your experience level may be! Or we can design a trip specifically for you. KidZ takes care of the details and guides your team through the steps required for success and safety
. Get started.

Nearly $30,000 Raised to Train the Trainers

Thank you for giving generously! Friends of KidZ at Heart gave generously during the month of May. Together we're setting the stage for a rapid expansion of knowledge and skills. Joan, a National Trainer for KidZ at Heart, provides training in remote areas throughout the year. Together we are training more trainers globally to provide much-needed instruction to those KidZ at Heart would never be able to reach otherwise. Joan shares, "I assure you that when the teachers implement what they're learning, we can expect a revival in South Africa!"

I Believe in God, the Father

by Nancy Tichy, Author for KidZ at Heart International

I don’t refuse to travel by air because I don’t understand the laws of aerodynamics. There’s enough experiential evidence that airplanes safely take people from one place to another for me to have confidence in this method of travel. Flying gives me a lesson in perspective, too. Each morning shortly after ten, a plane flies over my house. In spite of what I see when I trace its path overhead, I know it’s not half an inch long with very tiny humans hidden from view on board. I’m confident that it’s a large conveyance, large enough for scores of real, life-sized human beings…not what my naked eye sees. Read more.

Corazón de Niño Coming to Florida

In a multilingual life, research shows that people learn best in the language they first learn, often termed their “heart language.” Familiarity allows them to connect more deeply to the conversation. Corazón de Niño, KidZ at Heart’s Spanish training for those who serve in children’s ministry, was developed to help those in Spanish-speaking communities learn ways greater ways to connect their children with God. Iglesia Hispan͂a de Brandon (Valrico, FL) hosts the upcoming Corazón de Niño in September 2018. Get more information or register online. Contact Idanerys Montalvo for further questions, especially if Spanish is your heart language.

More Than a VBS Offering

Let your VBS offering build excitement and create impact for kids in other countries (regardless of the VBS curriculum you use). KidZ at Heart provides country-specific activities for you to use that help enhance kids’ interest in each day’s offering time at VBS. Read more.

Looking for a New Career?

KidZ at Heart is growing! Join in the cause of equipping people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture. We're more than a ministry team, we are a community of faith. Together we are seeking God's call on our own lives as we continue to listen to him guide the ministry of KidZ. It's a great adventure, and we invite you to prayerfully consider joining us for the journey. View current openings.

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